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Feelings, the Language of Love


Feelings are the language of love.

In order for us to begin to comprehend our emotions as an intelligible process we have to become aware of our feelings, no matter what they are. Right now I see everyone’s feelings up in the air. People are fed up, people are scared, people are angry and rightly so. We’ve been fucked, played, deceived, blindsided, just all around taken advantage of. We all want to place these feelings somewhere; from our family, our friends, our schools, our insurance company, our country, our president, some billionaire, some doctor, something outside of ourselves. Our feelings are endless. I have fluctuated on the wave of these feelings my whole life, riding them out and then barely being able to take stock of myself before being hit by another one. Further and further down the rabbit hole I fell. I don’t know if I hit rock bottom, one can never be sure. What I do know is that every hole has an opening and what leads to our downfall can often also be our salvation. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve started to learn. I’ve learned about my feelings, I continue to do so, and where I find myself now is in a vast ocean. In the spectrum of of all our feelings, observing and thinking. I think that no matter where we find ourselves it is an exciting place; it is a place to learn and grow from, to experience, and to love. This place is the where our feelings lead us to. This is the place of love. Where we learn about our ins and outs, our whys and what fors, our deepest selves. Only by embracing and accepting how we truly feel will we be able to make sense of the world in and around us. Take this time and this opportunity that has been given to you to learn. Only then can we begin to change ourselves and the world around us.

I believe in the best of and for you. We are complex and beautiful creatures who have been given the blessing love. I am in love with all of you.