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Dino Talks

listless listen. feel it drippin.

heartless losing. ground is breakin.

chains are dropping. pimples poppin

heartbeat, relax. past is past.

drifting, flying. Exciting times.

future relaint. self-denying.

woe wrung. ashes and rags.

bomb the planet. radioactive.

moniter posers. lies behind us.

seeking found. bloodied brown.

lose your way. something staid.

vision dream. fitfull sleep.

fruiting body. mortal coil.

newtonian. free-for-all.

templed toil. heavy metal.

hairspray and jazz. hailed cab.

night after life. jailbirds mire.

fremen knife. collect a debt.

motions of heart. beginnings.

stage set. reality reality reality.

let us pause. say our prayers.

mommas ask. shade instead.

riddles and pastures. green baret.

time is square. beating drum.

tin tin. ring the in the year.

don’t tell me so. alice knows.

bailey called. bleh news.

kiss secrets. gap-toothed sally.

“What are you, a pterodactyl or something?”



Mr Bow

what is a body, but a being?

oracle vision given sight.

consistent subset.

conics always present.

we all have a gravitational thumbprint.

dense is as dense does as dense was.

one horizon but different sunsets.

below speciation a nonexistent subset.

what is a being, but an individual?

minds eye clear in time.

a pure white dove.

heaven’s eternal love.

mirror neuron on the wall.

fractal pattern inspired us all.

breathless lives to inhale the spirit.

event horizon true embodiment.

hustle for life

this is not who you are

this is who your pain has told you to be

my teeth clench in the feeling

the tension begins to sink in

i feel like i’m high

i fight back and lie

back on the sidelines I hold stacks

guns, money, and drugs

it feels good here

warm on the inside


young and fruitful

we lay in the field

do or die

we drop

faster than flies

it’s my birthday

but it all fades away

coming back hope lies within

shape shifting tricks

the birthing begins

sad and lonely

fragmented thoughts

i sit and ponder

reality tocks

a ringing in my ears


no more need for fear

with a jubilation for life

simply put

I am here


The loneliest feeling

What does it mean to be alone? Sitting next to new people, nice people, arrogant people, there are so many kinds out there. With so many people alive why do I feel alone? Why do other people feel alone? I kind of want to go disappear. In my thoughts, beliefs, religion…there is nobody else but me. No one to listen, no one to talk to. Just me. How much can I take? How long? I am alone in myself. How many other people can say the same? Why do I feel like no one understands me? There are only contradictions. Which isn’t bad, it helps me think but after awhile….it’s just tiring.

the mirror

lonely is, lonely does,  

whispered words, drowsy love,  

laid to sleep, mind at rest,  

heart beats, timing missed,  

this is it, listless death. 

linger on, fall away,  

night turns, dawn’s golden ray,  

unbounded curvature,  

space and time, total existence. 

beauty and grace, 

harmonious duplicity, one in place,  

presently being, all particularly clear,  

lonely whispered love, reflective mirror. 


We sit and stream. Stop the FCC! Wait, back in 2011, it was the same damn thing! I can’t believe, that we all just believed. It’s all good though, smoke some CBD. Please, relax and breathe, rest, but never sleep, only dream. Reality has made me and in you I see all beings. Wait, this is just a time machine, the place our memories lead. Outside, spacetime. Inside, inner mind. Rest easy, You and I, We are grandly unified.